My name is Kronbak and I´m most of all a music artist and producer ...and then a variety of a lot of other things.

I´m located in Denmark and love being creative with all kinds of media. I do a lot of webdesigns and webdevelopments, photoshopping and videoediting.

I started going into blogposts not long ago, because this is another way of getting thoughts out...

This website is about my art and work ..

This site is mainly in English but i´m working on another one in Danish.

Who needs a website these days!?

No ones does!  

We´ve got facebook ect, but Mr Zuckerberg ect are in control of everything! they can do what they want, their rules! And to retrieve that freedom, I have decided to expand my website from being a music artist page, to a “what ever appears in my mind” website and post blogs about it. In the future you will be able to signup for newsletters, but for the time being, you can follow me on social media as I will utilize those platforms to distribute my blogs and of cause you can reach me on google page 1 mill and 30. 🙂

I really hope you enjoy my content as is scattered in many directions. I do post on social medie ones in a while, but my website is my heart and gold, as I do like to have 95 % control of my content.